Simplifying Energy
for EVs.

We believe EVs have completed the 0 to 1 shift of driving better than conventional vehicles. However, for the industry to exponentially scale from 1 to 100, the underlying energy problem needs to be simplified.

PS: feed your curiosity on how & why we simplify energy.

Our mission is powered by our proprietary technology called the Flexible Energy Stack that enables the seamless flow of energy between the grid and vehicle.


After spending 7 years helping build Ather Energy as its Founding Partner & Chief Product Officer, Arun Vinayak decided to startup once again. The root cause of his decision was the desire to build something that would allow every type of vehicle to go electric today.

He hit up former colleague & HUL supply chain manager, Sanjay Byalal and over copious cups of coffee, an idea began brewing with the vision of simplifying energy for EVs. Its audacity automatically pulled in a team of trusted engineers and Exponent was born.


At Exponent, we believe every failure in the lab avoids 1000s in the field. This belief with nearly a decade of experience building EVs in India, allows us to iterate & execute at breakneck speed.

Our experience also makes us empathize with the trial by fire every EV stakeholder faces today and has shaped our philosophy of crafting products that are transformative yet simple for everyone to use.

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