A 15 minute rapid charging solution that scales across battery capacity, cell chemistries & vehicle size is made possible by our battery pack & charging station

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Truly Scalable

2kWh to <capacity on request>
From 40 to 800 Volts

Looong life

3000 cycles warranty

Performance consistency

Even in 50 C ambient temperature

Recharge like you refuel

In 15 min at any of our E Pumps

Recharge like you refuel

Any Exponent Enabled vehicle with the E-pack in 15 minutes

open network

Additional gun with standard connector (GBT or CCS) to charge all other EVs

Cloud connected

Charging partner dashboards &
Network intelligence to manage utilization

Easy to FInd & use

Navigation APIs to optimize routes, Charger auto-reservation & Seamless payments

We've unlocked 15-minute rapid charging on a wide range of Li-ion cells that are affordable and easily available.

This is made possible by our battery pack and charging station seamlessly working together.

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Scalable battery pack architecture.
Proprietary BMS.
Cell agnostic.


40 to 800 Volts

Modular Architecture

from 2kWh

to <any capacity on request>

to <any capacity on request>

Performance consistency

Even at 50°C ambient temperature

Long Life

3000 cycle life warranty


2mV error- 10x voltage sensing accuracy.
Fastest balancing BMS in the world.

Our E-pack is made even better by our e-pump

A charging station that's truly flexible

Recharge like you refuel

Any EV with an E-Pack in 15 minutes using our proprietary connector

Open network

Additional gun with standard connector
(GBT or CCS) to charge all other EVs

Scalable Power levels

15kw to 360kw

Pairs perfectly with our scalable E-Pack architecture

EASY to install & manage

Cloud connected.
Charging partner dashboards.
Network intelligence to guarantee utilization.

Easy to Find & use

Route optimization algorithms.
Navigation and charger reservation APIs.
Seamless payments.