15-minute quick chargefrom 0-100% for EVs

3000 cycle

warranty with 100% rapid



across any number of wheels


using regular Lithium-ion cells

We’re a full-stack energy company that builds chargers, batteries and everything in between

exponent energy stack

Our proprietary battery pack

integrates with our vehicle

Fully charges in 15 minutes

at an e^pump

Charges at home and in 1 hour on any DC network

life cycle warranty

Cell agnostic: Affordable LFP cells today, any ionic cell tomorrow

Powered by our BMS with 10x

voltage sensing accuracy

15-minute rapid charging for

any EV with our e^pack

Scalable and



Highest energy throughput in the lowest space guaranteed. Kills the need for large, show charging hubs

Our proprietary connector, capable of handling 600A of current

Connects the e^pump to the e^pack


Off-board Thermal

Management System

While charging, our e^pump cools the e^pack by pumping refrigerated water through the e^plug.


15-minute rapid charging generates 256x more heat

Than 4 hour slow charging

Conventionally, extracting this heat needs bulky & expensive cooling systems on the vehicle. But, why lug around and pay for a system that you only need while charging?

Hence, we offboarded the system onto the e^pump to make all EVs powered by us lighter and more affordable.

Explore how our tech works


batteries deployed


kms powered


kms powered


charging sessions completed  


charging sessions completed  

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